Eat. Sleep. BAMA. Repeat.

A Martial Art for Everyone

The Boado Academy of Martial Arts BAMA is one of the leading martial clubs in London. We specialise in providing quality tuition in Boxing, Muay Thai, Silat, Kali, JKD and BJJ.

Personal Training

If you’re looking for a personalised training plan, want to further your skills with one on one sessions, or just need that extra push, our coaches offer Personal Training.

Self Defence Classes

Our self defence classes can be tailored to any needs, ranging from private to corporate classes, group, or women’s only. Please get in touch to discuss options.

Adult Classes

We offer a variety of adult classes, from boxing to BJJ via self defence, 7 days a week and across 2 locations.

Kids classes

Join BAMA for a unique after school activity, from age five upwards. Learn discipline, expend some energy, get your belts, but most of all, have fun and make new friends!

What People Say

I’ve had a fantastic time with BAMA! The teachers are great, especially Chris, and their passion rubs off on the rest of the group to create a fun and inspiring community. I started as an absolute beginner to boxing and Muay Thai, and really appreciated how welcoming and patient everybody has been. I’ve learnt a lot and it’s always a great workout! – Jack

Tiered Memberships

Our range of tiered membership prices mean there’s something to suit everyone. Check out our most popular options below, or click through to see all available choices.

Pay as you train

Pay for each class as you attend. Great if you have a hectic schedule, or you’re not quite ready to commit.

Twice a week

Make training part of your weekly schedule and join us twice a week.


Train as often as you want. This package includes all our class types.

New Member Offer

Get your first class for free!

Parting with your hard earned cash is not always an easy decision to make, so come and do a taster session for free before deciding if you want to commit.